Electron India’s Software Division is a complete software solution provider with a powerful management and technical team. We have been in the field of Electronic Fuel Registers for the past 2 decades and in the field of Contactless Smart Card Readers for more than 1 decade. EI has vertical expertise on design, manufacture and embedded software development in-house. EI is progressing towards higher levels of software development and IT solutions in order to provide a fully integrated solution to our customers. We now have a full-fledged IT consulting and service providing team with a wide range of innovative software services. Keeping in view the expertise acquired over the years in multifarious projects, we are now looking to expand our software division to greater heights.

Situated in Chennai, EI is connected with various tie-ups across major cities in India through its integrators. EI (Software Division) advocates a finely matched integration of business people, technology and processes.

Our Team

The Management Team is a classic combination of knowledge and experience. Our Industry-certified developers come with the latest technology and skill sets to design and develop software to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. In addition, EI takes pride in maintaining a steady flow of external consultants to update / plug-in the deficiencies if any. The executive management team provides the tactical support and excellence required to achieve 100% client satisfaction always.


  • State-of-the-art fully equipped development setup with required software development    tools complement the development team.
  • A Secure extranet facility helps us in communicating with our client throughout the life    cycle of the project and after.
  • Excellent power backup facilities.
  • Various communication channels dedicated for customer interactions.
  • Highly secured data center facilities with well defined disaster management located at    IT corridor.
Work Environment

Everyone at EI has a role towards total customer satisfaction. Every member of the team is given the freedom to express his/ her views during team discussions. This helps in further strengthening the individual responsibility of each of them towards each project undertaken.
Our Methodology
Additional Features

• For successful co-ordination between overseas customers, we dedicate a manager for each    project   based on the size of the project. The Project Co-ordination Manager (PCM) takes care    of both   customer co-ordination and the in-house development processes.
• On requirement, we provide qualified technical consultants to study your business processes    and    environment for developing related applications.

All that and more helps us in :

• Providing on-time completion.
• High quality solutions.
• 100% customer satisfaction.
• Customizable application to suit your requirements.

• The Platforms in which EI has expertise are WIN 98/2000/NT/XP/2003. • We provide solutions in Internet technologies like Active Server Pages, VB Script, DHTML, ASP.Net, XML-based data & Application Modeling on Windows NT servers. •  For distributed applications, we implement Middleware Technologies like COM, DCOM    etc. •  Database Applications are supported through ORACLE, MSSQL Server databases,  MS Access. •  Front End Expertise in .Net Frameworks, Visual Basic, Visual C++.  
•  Design tools used are S-Designer & Erwin.
Business Models at EI :

In the new business era, customers are looking for the best services for their business requirements. We provide multiple business models to suit the requirements on hand.

1. Fixed Time / Fixed Cost :

This is a low risk option for the client and can be employed when the specifications of the project are reasonably clear. The model guarantees on-time and on-budget delivery. The areas of deliverables, cost & timeframes are clearly defined. It provides a phased approach to Defining of scope, Development, Implementation & Business support.

2. Fixed Bid :

Faced with runaway IT projects, clients seek vendors who can assure them of on-time and fixed-bid related projects.

3. Dedicated Development centre :

If you are looking at an in-house IT development team, we can provide our manpower resources in-situation  for the same.
Why EI :

• Expertise : Our team members have several years of expertise in their chosen field. In     addition,    we   have supportive administrative staff to assist in general co-ordination.

• Technically Advanced : Our development tools and products implement object     oriented   programming, further we use the most modern tools & technologies available     in the     market.    We   are the pioneers in Contactless Smart Card (CLSC) based     applications in     India,    employing   testing tools and latest .Net framework in our     developmental processes     long    before    the   industry adopted the same.

• Flexibility : We respond spontaneously to our client's changing requirements, during the     course   of   a project, if the changes are within reasonable limits.

• Time Management : This is one of the top priority areas, which we take care from day  one. We    realize that time is money for you and us alike.

• External Help : Though we maintain a balanced team, we go the extra mile in getting the  best    consultants for any offhand requirement.

• Security : More than 30 years old, our legal, banking and accounting relationships extend  all over    India and abroad.



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